Dokan Pro – Best Way to Build Your Online Marketplace With WordPress v3.11.2

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Dokan Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that transforms your website into a feature-rich multivendor marketplace, similar to popular platforms like Etsy or Amazon. Leveraging the familiar WooCommerce foundation, Dokan Pro empowers you to create a platform where multiple vendors can list and sell their products, manage their stores, and interact with customers.

Top 5 Things to Know About Dokan Pro:

  1. Frontend Vendor Management: Vendors can manage their products, orders, and store settings directly from a user-friendly frontend dashboard, eliminating the need for complex backend access.
  2. Multiple Product Types: Dokan Pro supports a variety of product types, allowing vendors to sell physical products, digital downloads, and even subscriptions, catering to diverse business models.
  3. Vendor Earnings and Withdrawals: Dokan Pro facilitates seamless management of vendor earnings and withdrawals. Define commission structures and allow vendors to easily withdraw their earned income.
  4. Store Reviews and Ratings: Build trust and credibility on your marketplace by enabling customer reviews and product ratings. This fosters a sense of community and helps buyers make informed decisions.
  5. Extensive Customization: Dokan Pro offers a high degree of customization options. Personalize the look and feel of your marketplace to perfectly match your brand identity.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Dokan Pro:

  1. Create a Scalable Marketplace: Dokan Pro empowers you to build a robust marketplace that can accommodate a growing number of vendors and product offerings.
  2. Increased Revenue Potential: Earn commissions on every sale made through your marketplace, generating a new income stream for your business.
  3. Reduced Management Burden: Vendors handle product listing, order fulfillment, and customer communication, freeing you to focus on overall marketplace management and growth strategies.
  4. Enhanced User Experience: Offer a wider variety of products and cater to diverse customer needs with a multivendor marketplace.
  5. Leverage Existing WooCommerce Ecosystem: Dokan Pro integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce extensions and themes, giving you access to a vast array of functionalities and customization possibilities.

Top 5 Features of Dokan Pro:

  1. Frontend Vendor Dashboard: Empower vendors with self-service store management.
  2. Multiple Product Type Support: Sell a wider range of products to meet diverse customer demands.
  3. Vendor Earnings Management: Track, manage, and facilitate vendor earnings and withdrawals.
  4. Customer Review and Rating System: Build trust and enhance user experience.
  5. Extensive Customization Options: Craft a marketplace that reflects your brand identity.


Dokan Pro unlocks the potential to transform your WordPress website into a thriving multivendor marketplace. With its comprehensive features, seamless WooCommerce integration, and user-friendly interface, Dokan Pro empowers you to build a scalable platform that fosters a vibrant community of vendors and customers.

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