Ninja Forms File Uploads Add-on v3.3.18

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Transform your Ninja Forms into powerful file collection tools with the File Uploads Add-On. This valuable extension empowers you to add file upload fields to your forms, allowing users to submit documents, images, and other digital assets directly through your website. The File Uploads Add-On provides granular control over file types, sizes, and destinations, ensuring a smooth and secure file submission experience for both you and your users.

Top 5 Things to Know About Ninja Forms File Uploads Add-On:

  1. Effortless Integration: Seamlessly integrate file upload fields into your existing Ninja Forms with a drag-and- drop interface.
  2. Extensive File Support: Accept a wide range of file types, including documents (PDF, DOCX), images (JPG, PNG, GIF), and more.
  3. Granular Control: Set limits on the number of files allowed, minimum and maximum file sizes, and restrict specific file types for secure submissions.
  4. Flexible Storage Options: Choose where to store uploaded files – your WordPress media library, Google Drive, or a custom directory on your server.
  5. Automated Email Attachments: Attach uploaded files automatically to form notification emails sent to you or your users.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Ninja Forms File Uploads Add-On:

  1. Simplified File Collection: Offer a convenient way for users to submit documents, applications, or other files directly through your website.
  2. Improved User Experience: Streamline the process for users by eliminating the need for separate file uploads via email.
  3. Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: Save time and resources by automatically receiving and managing uploaded files within your website.
  4. Increased Data Security: Maintain control over file submissions with limitations and secure storage options.
  5. Greater Form Functionality: Expand the capabilities of your Ninja Forms and cater to various use cases requiring file submissions.

Top 5 Features of Ninja Forms File Uploads Add-On:

  1. File Type Restrictions: Specify allowed file extensions (e.g., .pdf, .docx, .jpg) to ensure you receive the correct file types.
  2. File Size Limits: Set minimum and maximum file sizes to prevent users from uploading excessively large files.
  3. Custom File Naming: Define rules for automatically renaming uploaded files for better organization and searchability.
  4. Multiple File Uploads: Allow users to submit multiple files at once, perfect for applications or photo submissions.
  5. Conditional Logic: Control the visibility of file upload fields based on other form field selections for a more dynamic user experience.


The Ninja Forms File Uploads Add-On unlocks a new level of functionality for your website forms. By enabling file submissions, you can streamline data collection, enhance user experience, and empower your website to handle diverse use cases. This user-friendly add-on integrates seamlessly with Ninja Forms, providing you with the tools to manage file uploads efficiently and securely.

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