Course Builder – Online Course WordPress Theme v3.5.4

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Course Builder is a feature-rich WordPress theme designed specifically for educators, course creators, and training professionals. It empowers you to build beautiful and engaging online course websites, allowing you to easily share your knowledge and expertise with the world. Course Builder eliminates the need for complex coding, offering a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionalities to create a dynamic learning environment for your students.

Top 5 Things to Know About Course Builder:

  1. Effortless Course Creation: Develop and deliver engaging online courses with Course Builder’s intuitive tools. No coding knowledge required!

  2. Drag-and-Drop Course Builder: Structure your courses with ease using the drag-and-drop interface. Organize modules, lessons, quizzes, and assignments in a logical flow for optimal learning.

  3. Multiple Lesson Formats: Cater to diverse learning styles by offering lessons in various formats, including text, video, audio, and downloadable resources.

  4. Content Dripping (Pro Feature): Control the pace of your course by releasing content to students at scheduled intervals, keeping them engaged and motivated (available in the Pro version).

  5. Sell Your Courses (Pro Feature): Monetize your knowledge by turning your courses into profitable ventures. Course Builder integrates with popular payment gateways to facilitate easy course sales (available in the Pro version).

Top 5 Reasons to Use Course Builder:

  1. Create Engaging Online Courses: Go beyond basic text lectures. Course Builder allows you to develop interactive and visually appealing courses that keep your students engaged.

  2. Simplified Course Management: Effortlessly manage your courses, lessons, and student data from a centralized location.

  3. Cater to Diverse Learning Styles: Reach a wider audience by offering your courses in various formats, accommodating different learning preferences.

  4. Content Delivery Control: (Pro Feature) Maintain control over the learning pace by releasing content strategically, keeping students engaged and focused.

  5. Monetize Your Expertise: (Pro Feature) Transform your knowledge into a profitable online business. Course Builder allows you to easily sell your courses and generate income.

Top 5 Features of Course Builder:

  1. Drag-and-Drop Course Builder: Intuitive interface allows you to easily structure your courses and organize lessons with a drag-and-drop functionality.

  2. Multiple Lesson Formats: Support various learning styles by offering lessons in text, video, audio, and downloadable formats.

  3. Student Management System: Track student progress, manage enrollments, and communicate with students through a centralized system.

  4. Built-in Quizzes and Assignments: Assess student understanding and reinforce learning with quizzes, assignments, and graded activities.

  5. Monetization Options (Pro Feature): Sell your courses directly through your website with Course Builder’s integration with popular payment gateways (available in the Pro version).


Course Builder is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create and share their knowledge online. Whether you’re a seasoned educator, a passionate hobbyist, or a business professional looking to offer training courses, Course Builder provides the tools and functionalities you need to develop engaging online learning experiences. With its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and optional monetization options, Course Builder empowers you to build a successful online course platform and share your expertise with the world.

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